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Welcome to Worx Machinery!

We design, build and integrate Class 1 laser marking enclosures with KEYENCE laser markers. With over 20 years of industrial automation experience, our team can provide a robust and cost effective solution for your laser marking enclosure needs. Our standard enclosures are typically in stock or can be built in 2-4 weeks. These standard enclosures cover a wide variety of capabilities and budgets.

ME-2 and its smaller sibling, the ME-2
m, are budget friendly and simple. Manual doors, button controls, and a unique re-positionable shelving system to accommodate a wide variety of parts heights make these enclosures an exceptional value for low production needs. There are several options such as a fume extractor or mobile base to add extra value and capabilities to these enclosures

Stepping up to the
ME-3 or its larger sibling, the ME-3
X, gains you a lot of functionality in a really nice package and at an incredible value. These enclosures come with an automated vertical door, automated Z axis for the laser, Cat 3 safety circuit, and an integrated  PC with an easy to use and powerful interface named Keyview. These enclosures also allow for a great deal of customization such as data handling, robot load/unload integration, and database integration. Just as with the ME2 and ME-2m, there are several standards options to these enclosures to add extra value and capability.

The most capable of our enclosures is the
MAX. The laser head is on an XYZ cartesian gantry system. Greater marking area capabilities, pre and post mark inspections using Keyence vision, and complicated part marking are just a few of the benefits of stepping up to the ME-3MAX. See the brochure for more details.

We also offer the
R, a two position rotary index table enclosure. The ME-3R allows the operator to unload and load a part while the part on the other side of the table is being marked. If the unload/load time and the marking time match closely, this will yield the fastest throughput  of any of the Standard Enclosures.

If none of these Standard Enclosures fit the bill for your project, please feel free to contact us for your specific needs. We are well versed in many different areas of automation...robots, vision, PLC, database name it, and we have done it. 

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